1. Eye test motion

  2. Eye test motion grapchics

  4. Data Visualization

  5. Data Visualization

  6. Data Visualization

  7. Data Visualization

  8. Data Visualization

  9. Data Vizualisation


  10. Facts About Dementia From WHO.

  11. Word Map relating to Dementia

  12. UHAC Eye Test

  13. Motion Research for Data Visualization Piece

  14. Initial Ideas

    My third idea and the one I think is the strongest is a simple, playing on the idea of an eye test the camera angle will be POV and we will take the viewer through the stages of having an eye test most of the test will fail and it will be a blurry screen, at the end when the PWC filter is added the camera shots will become sharp and the test will be completed.

    Slogan idea 

    • See clearly with PWC
  15. Initial Ideas

    The second idea I had was a simple vector based idea that started with different colours falling from the top of the screen, as the camera pans down we see the colours enter a filter machine. As we follow the tubes down we see the colours being separated into their own containers.